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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Book Review: Cross Fire by James Patterson

I just read Cross Fire by James Patterson. It is Alex Cross "lite." 

Alex Cross is a homicide detective in Washington D.C. His specialty is hunting down serial killers. He really did not accomplish that in this book. He went from murder to murder, never connecting the dots, and just happen to stumble upon the murderers. That was disappointing.

The wickedly brilliant criminal mastermind Kyle Craig returns in Cross Fire. He is the best part of this novel. His character was far more interesting than Alex Cross. However, the ending did not match the rest of the book. In fact, the ending was disappointing, abrupt, and very un-Kyle like.

I recommend the book if you are looking for a quick read without using much brain power - maybe while traveling on a plane or train. It is also easy to put down and finish reading later. There was no suspense that made me need to keep reading.

I hope the next three books in the series pick up the pace again and Alex actually solves the mystery. I'll let you know. 

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