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Friday, December 6, 2013

I'm back. Hopefully.

Hello again my dearest readers. Yes, I have not posted in nearly four months. I had a brain freeze. Not the writer's block that stymies many an author (although I am not currently a novelist, I would like to be one someday). Just brain freeze. Unable to cope with the world so my brain said, "I am not dealing with this. All systems shutting down." Of course, not a real brain freeze.... just my despair over the wickedness and injustices of this world.

I fell down Alice's rabbit hole and buried myself in the world of fiction. Tons of it. I came aboveground when school started. Since then, it has been busy, busy, busy. I am homeschooling all three boys, and they attend the local public schools part-time for electives. Eric plays his trombone in the band. Steven continues social personal skills, speech therapy, and drawing. Mark, for the first time(!), is taking electives - personal fitness and robotics.

I'm back. Hopefully. I need to find balance, and I am taking small baby steps toward that goal. But, please, do not discuss politics or the horrors of the world with me. You will just shove me back into the rabbit hole again. And, I am not sure if I will have the strength to pull myself back out. Certainly, it was not possible this time without the helping hands of family and friends.

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