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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fallen Hero: Marine CPL Tyler W. Ziegel (1982-2012)

Tyler W. Ziegel, 30, was a U.S. Marine Corps reservist with Peoria County-based Company C, 6th Engineer Support Battalion when he deployed to western Iraq in 2004. On Christmas Eve 2004 a suicide bomber blew up near his truck. Ty lost his left hand and fingers on his right, fractured his skull and suffered severe burns in the blast.

Five other reservists were injured but none as severely as Ziegel, who suffered third-degree and full-depth burns on his head, left arm and right hand. He spent 19 months in an Army hospital in Texas and underwent almost 30 operations.

Ziegel’s attitude impressed many at the hospital and back home. He would go from room to room talking to other patients. Even when Ziegel returned home, he took the approach that he was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time and didn’t deserve any pity.

In this Journal Star file photo from August 2006, Lt. Governor Pat Quinn, right, listens as Marine CPL Tyler Ziegel of Metamora, addresses the press during an announcement at the Marine Corps and Navy Reserve Center, urging summer travelers to donate unused frequent flyer miles to Operation Hero Miles.

As Ty rests, having given the ultimate sacrifice of his devotion to this Country, may his light linger around his friends and loved ones with a blessed radiance, bringing them comfort and solace, brightening their days. With deepest sympathies.

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